How to be in large groups again without being drained

June 18, 2021

Things are starting back up again, in some countries more than others, and a lot of people struggle being in larger groups.

Many of us have been sequestered in our home or only been in physical contact with a small number of people, and it simply isn’t the same.

Where first you had to get used to working more from home and spending larger amounts of time behind your screen, now you need to ‘relearn’ being around more people.

You simply have to get used to all the extra stimuli again. That takes time but fortunately there are a few practical tips you can apply to make this transition easier.

1. Ground yourself before a meeting

When you are grounded it is easier to focus and concentrate. You won’t be as distracted by the people around you (and all their noises, smells etc. 😉 ) Plus grounding helps you be more in touch with your body so you will hear its signs better. Recognizing the signals of your body will help you course-correct before you are drained entirely.

2. Give yourself time

Be aware this re-entry process might take time—especially when you are a sensitive soul—and plan for that. Simply take it into account in your schedule and make sure your day is not overfull. Balance group interaction with some time for yourself or at least some work on your own.

3. Know that being around people has an effect on your energy field as well

We all pick up emotions and energies from other people and that is draining. It’s important to release those energies again. Otherwise you’re walking around with a cloud of energy that’s not even yours. Use this new guided activation to clear your energy field at the end of the day.

It’s free! This activation is useful every day but especially now things are starting back up again.

Consciously managing your energy is an important aspect of having the time and the drive to enjoy life and do the things that matter most.

That’s why I’m thrilled that my book is finally available! 🙂


How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Life You Love

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