How your energetic tube got filled with debris

February 15, 2019

We are meant to shine. Our souls are effortless joy and love—conjured from light.

We are meant to stand out.

We are meant to own our uniqueness.

Perhaps the greatest game of all is not just that we forgot who we truly are—at our core—but that we are taught, indoctrinated through our culture, that we are supposed to fit in and not draw attention to ourselves.

That the way to stay safe and prevail lies in being anonymous, in being less than vibrant.

No wonder chronic illness runs rampant. If you suppress your energy long enough, the constant strain will cause damage somewhere in your physical, emotional or energetic body.

I know a lot of highly sensitive people have various illnesses. And I am certain there lies a connection between suppressing your energy, continuously holding back and dismissing (or not knowing) who and what you are, and disease.

Because your body is not itself. It’s at dis-ease.

You’re forcing it. You’re forcing yourself to be who you are not, by conforming to the rules of society. You are overstretching yourself and doing too much. You’re not listening to your body and the subtle signals it’s giving you.

Because you learned to ignore your dis-ease. You were taught to be strong, and being strong means pushing through—regardless of how you or it feels.

I know all about that. I’ve done it myself. All of it. I was burnt out at the age of 24.

If I’ve learned one thing it’s that there are many ways and multiple layers to keeping yourself small and contained.

Chances are you’re using many without even being aware.

That’s why I was asked by the Carriers of Light to host the Undim Your Light online workshop.

They will provide a powerful healing activation to help you shine brighter—from the inside out.

Over the years much debris has gathered in your energetic tube, the connection to the Universe and your soul.

Each time you denied who you were, when you forced yourself or closed your eyes to the truth, a little scar occurred and waste gathered in your energy field.

Over time this got silted up and as you grew older it became harder to hear your intuition, to be connected to the endless joy of your soul.

Children are still purely connected to their soul, not yet hampered by the stain of continuous denial of themselves.

It’s time to clear out the energetic clutter and free up lots of energy.

That’s what we’ll be doing in the online workshop Undim Your Light.

When you register you’ll get the recording right away—so you too can shine bright and feel the energy flow so much freer.

YES I want to clear my energetic tube and join this workshop

I want to read more about undimming my light first.


PS If at any point in your life you’ve forced yourself or not played out full, then this workshop is for you! Get your seat here now and release the waste that has accumulated


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