How I finally became whole

July 13, 2022

Coming out of the spiritual closet allowed me to let all of myself be present.

For most of my life I had only focused on my rational side. That’s how I was successful in life—I have a good brain and I’m very practical.

Then I opened what felt like this door to the entire right side of the building that was me: I allowed in my intuitive part and started to explore that.

The turning point was around my divorce when I gave myself the space to take the next step in using my intuitive abilities. I felt I had nothing left to lose.

When I first started tuning in for my friend, I wasn’t charging her, but within two years I started charging for doing intuitive sessions. At first, I only did one offs, that migrated into multiple sessions for clients and then several programs that I developed.

I started working with people who realized they have (or want) access to their own intuition. Who realize that in order to be themselves they need to be able to integrate their intuitive abilities and that that’s very helpful. They gain access to an extra tool in their toolkit that’s extremely valuable.

An example that comes to mind of shifts that happened for clients is this one entrepreneur. She was feeling drained and exhausted, and she was not sure if she would stay in her marriage. She was unhappy in a lot of ways. At the time she had a job but also a vision of a business she wanted to start.

I knew she was so overwhelmed that she didn’t have the room and space to focus on the things that were important.

Like she wasn’t sure whether she could stay with her husband. I felt they were a great match but she didn’t have the bandwidth to deal with another person so to her it felt easier to cut him loose.

Once she created the bandwidth (regained the energy and balance through the work we did together) things changed. Now they’re thriving.

She started that business and she’s doing really well. A lot of things shifted for her by returning to the basics of: what do I need, what do I deserve, how do I take good care of myself and how do I integrate this part of me that is my intuition when I’ve often relied on my mind to get me through.

I loved witnessing that transformation! It’s so fulfilling for me to be able to help others integrate their intuition and prioritize what they need.

If you know you’re feeling called to make more space for your intuitive abilities and all the benefits that can bring you in your life, but you’re not sure which buttons to push or how to trust the intuitive nudges you’re getting, then my SWEET POWERTM Transformative Mentoring program is exactly the space to do that.

Every person is different, and so is this process, and I will tap into my own intuition to provide you with the necessary insights and action steps to help you get there mentally, physically, energetically and emotionally.

With an intuitive approach, there is no one size fits all, which is what makes it so powerful; it is, perhaps, the most customized mentoring on the planet, because no one else is like you, which means that no one else will receive the same transformation, either.

Click here to fill in the application form so we can connect for a quick call and see if I’m the right mentor for you. I look forward to speaking to you!

Have a day full of energy and inspiration!


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PPS If you’re not ready for private mentoring, but still want to learn to trust your intuition then my online program ‘How to Listen to Your Intuition’ is perfect for you!

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