Which word will change your life?

July 5, 2013

WordsIf there is anything you want to change about your life then I recommend you start by looking inside. I’ve learned, and am still learning, that in order to change the ‘outside’ world, the fastest way is to work on changing your ‘inside’ world. It really starts within, mindset is all, and to be able to have a certain mindset it helps if you are not distracted by diminishing thoughts. In order to help you do this I have been given this technique:

Share your thoughts and feelings with a loved one or dear friend. Notice how it makes you feel. Pay attention to which words you are using. Are you blaming someone, something or yourself? Are you taking away your power by letting the situation control you? You can always take back your power and control over the situation by managing your thoughts and feelings. Even when this seems impossible. Miracles have happened because people were able to shift their perception and recreate their reality by focusing their thoughts on positive outcomes and things. This is how it works:

Share your story and underline or name 1 word that stands out and has the greatest pull on you (whether positive or negative). Focus on that word and what it stands for. Is it something that helps you (re)build your strength, power and energy? Or is it something that diminishes your importance, power and energy. Does it make you feel smaller or bigger? Does it make you smile and sing with your heart or does it take away your energy and make you feel sad? Try to rephrase the sentence by rewording it. See how that makes you feel. Continue until you have found a word that makes you smile. Now look at it again. Can you shift the energy by focusing on the new word? Even when that word was not part of the original context. Try it and you’ll see that it works.

Words have a meaning as well as an electrical charge. This is part of the build of words (their original meaning) but also the extra layers that have been added by using words in a certain context. Sad or angry words have strengthened that sad or angry feeling over decades. It has become very powerful. Don’t give your power away and certainly not to words that can take away your energy. Instead use positive words that make you feel lighter and that make you smile. It will help lift you up immediately. Let words guide you on your way.

You can choose a ‘word of the day’ and focus your energy and thoughts around that throughout the day. Whenever you feel low, down, depressed or lethargic: look at that word and feel how it can lift you up! Examples of good words for this exercise are:

Basically any word that makes you feel happier and lighter works for you! Keep focusing on the happy words to help change your mindset and ultimately your life!

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