The Key to Not be Depleted during the Holidays

December 27, 2013

keyIt’s the time of year where we traditionally have many family gatherings, parties and celebrations. Which is great, except when you are very sensitive. What may be enticing and stimulating to others is depleting and frustrating to those of us who easily pick up energy and emotions from others.

I remember the years where I traditionally had pain in my stomach (from all the emotions from others that I simply could not digest!). I thought for a long time that it was the excitement or the food that caused the discomfort (and sometimes very intense pain).

Until I realized I was simply picking up on other people’s energies, which is a natural habit for most healers. It is so natural that I had no idea I was doing this. Chances are the same goes for you.

As a healer you are naturally attuned to dis-balances in other people’s energy field and you automatically start fixing them. Unfortunately this often means you get stuck with their ‘yuck’—causing you to feel miserable.

Over the years I have learned to manage my energy and take care of myself so I could be fully present AND enjoy myself (and be pain free, especially during family dinners). One of the most important keys to this was:

Keep other people’s energies out of your system.

I learned to prevent it. So I kept the energies away, not even allowing it to enter my energy field. This really is key. I highly recommend you to focus on that during this holiday season.

TIP: if someone’s energy does get through you can return it to sender. Simply say in your mind (or aloud) ‘return to sender’. That will help you to release the energy and have it go back to where it belongs.

So if you are ready to enjoy the holidays without feeling miserable, exhausted or overwhelmed then the quickest route to that is to start managing your energy.

And if you are currently managing your energy but are still drained the day after a party, we have to talk. Because that means whatever you are doing is not very effective.

I know for a fact that it is possible to keep other people’s emotions and energies out of my system without shutting the people out. I am not building an iron wall around myself so that nothing and no one can get through. I am installing an energetic boundary that keeps the draining energies outside but still allows me to connect from the heart.

I teach this powerful tool in my online program ‘Energy Management for Sensitive Souls’. The Powerful Energy Management System that helps you Serve More People and Make More Money Without Draining Yourself.


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