Take the day OFF

June 12, 2018

It’s time for selfcare. As you may know I am writing my novel and the deadline to hand in the manuscript is July 1st. And there is still a tad more to do than I had hoped…

I worked on it all day yesterday, and even intended to write and edit today (Sunday). Committed to go full force. I am going to finish this!

Until I remembered—one of the rules I tell all my clients—and almost forgot to apply for myself.

Because that’s how it happens. When your To Do list sneaks up on you and urges you on. When you feel like there is only so much time to accomplish all that you need. Or when there is a clear deadline and a zillion things to do.

None of that matters.

Seriously. Because if you don’t take good care of yourself your productivity and creativity go down the drain. You lose focus and even though you’re busy all the time—it isn’t all that effective. I know.

Heck, research knows!

It’s been shown time and again that the brain (and the body) need time off to function better.

There is a reason Monday is my most productive day by far, hands down, no exception. Because I always take the weekend off. Or at least one day. Like today.

Though I almost didn’t. We need 24 hours of blissful ‘everything but work’ so the brain can get to a deeper level of relaxation.

So no checking your email, not even for just five minutes. Because you’ll be thinking about what you read and craft responses in your mind. Just don’t.

Do yourself a favour and take the day off. Especially if you have so much to do. Your body and your work will thank you for it.

I’m going to read in the sun. And possibly trim the hedges and out-bloomed roses. But not before I spent a morning of bliss!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

PS I am currently reading The long way to a small angry planet by Becky Chambers.

PPS Need help to uplevel your selfcare? Check out my online program Energy Management for Sensitive Souls.

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