3 tips to open your heart to love [and well-being]

March 14, 2020

[or how to put down your armour]

The mistakes mentioned in this previous blog post made clear that in an attempt to minimize pain we’ve taught ourselves some strategies. Sadly these strategies all come at a big cost (and none of them are dealing with the true problem anyway…). So now we need to change these habits. And that’s were these tips come into play.

MAIN TIP #1 – Get present

Remember biggest mistake #1? We leave our body. So the key is to get present and return to your body.

If you know me a little longer you might guess what I’ll say next 😉

GROUND. It’s one of my favorite tools for a reason. Grounding is the fastest and best way to sync your energetic body with your physical body. It allows you to be present and that’s the foundation for so much more.

I recorded a special short grounding exercise for you this morning. Listen to it here:


We’ve spoken about the false strategies we all use in order to keep ourselves ‘safe’ and free from pain. And I hope you liked the grounding exercise in tip #1.

MAIN TIP #2 – Open your heart

Remember biggest mistake #2? We close our heart. The answer to that seems pretty obvious, but unfortunately it’s not easy to do. We’re so used to keeping our heart closed that it’s difficult—and may even feel unnatural—to open it. Remember, this is one of our survival strategies so the pattern is often deeply ingrained.

But it’s important that you get into the habit of opening your heart, again and again, because this is tied directly to your life-force energy. A closed heart impacts your energy level and well-being. Rather than command you to open your heart at will (I wish there was a spell for that!) I created a tool to support you.

I’ve recorded a special activation to help you open your heart. Listen to it here:


In tip #2 you had a chance to experiment with opening your heart. Something you can play with every day. The same goes for this next tip.

MAIN TIP #3 – Relax (and have fun!)

Remember biggest mistake #3? We hide in our head.

When you’re stuck in your head, your first step is to ground (see the grounding activation in tip 1).

You’re hiding in your head partly out of fear, partly out of a desire to control everything—hoping that then you can also manipulate the outcome.

Remember, subconsciously you’re trying to avoid the pain.

In order to get you out of your head we need to get you into your body (hence the grounding) and then I’d like you to Let Go. Release. Relax. Have fun.

If you’re anything like me chances are you’re way too serious much too often. Let’s lighten up and do something solely for your enjoyment. Whether that’s read a book, take a walk, watch a movie, call your best friend, eat and entire box of chocolates. No, I didn’t say that. I would never do that 😉

When you’re having a good time, you’re worrying less and there is more flow naturally.

Will this help solve all your troubles and help you have an open heart forevermore? Nope.

But these three steps are a big step forward. If you want to take this deeper then private mentoring might be the next step for you. If that resonates, you’re warmly invited for a complimentary Clarity Session.

In this call I’ll help you get clear on what is needed for you personally to put down your armour and to stop holding yourself back so you can enjoy your life to the fullest (and not feel guilty about having fun or taking care of yourself first). And I’ll share how private mentoring might support you in that process.

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