Want to stay healthy? Stay CALM!

March 14, 2020

I understand that all the media coverage is sending people into worry and stress.

Stress is one of the worst things for your immune system. It pretty much eats up your resistance. So the best antidote is to stay calm. Relax.

Yes things are happening, and yes you have to be smart about it and wash your hands, eat healthy and sleep well. But there is no point in panic. It doesn’t help. It doesn’t make the problem go away. It only makes you feel awful.

AND it impacts your immune system.

So whenever you feel worried, take a deep breath. Meditate. Shift your focus to something positive, something you can be grateful for.

There’s always something you can be thankful for, however little it is. Do your best to think back of a happy moment and allow yourself to feel it. Let it fill you up. Let it permeate your being.

You can only feel one emotion at a time. You can’t be happy and worried.

So choose happy, choose calm, choose to consciously focus on what you are thinking about. Choose what you give attention. And feed what is positive.

And yes that might require some work. But it won’t cost as much energy as staying afraid or stressed.

The best gift you can give yourself and others now is to stay calm. Don’t indulge in the horror stories. Don’t help spreading the bad news. Don’t launch into What if? scenarios.

If you feel helpless then know you can do something. You can choose to shift how you FEEL.

Once you feel better, you can help those around you relax, too.

Let’s all help one another!

Quick tips to feel better:

I could go on and on but I guess you get the idea 😉


Stay happy and healthy! xo

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