Your Soul needs to Recharge

November 5, 2014

rechargeToday let’s talk about integrating change on a soul level. It is something that is often taken for granted. Like the car that is always running. It is the processor that is present in the background. Not asking for much attention, unless problems arise. It’s the same with your soul.

As you move through your life you encounter challenges and go through changes. Often these things impact you for way longer than you are currently aware. And that’s how it’s supposed to be, or you would spend most of your waking hours being alert on the processes your body and soul is going through, leaving little time for anything else.

Now I ask you to take a moment and contemplate this; that processor in the background, enabling many of the things you do and see and orchestrating most of what you experience.

It needs a check-up from time to time. A moment to relax, restart and cleanse out what is getting in the way.

It really is a lot like your car. You have the weekly and monthly care, washing it, refueling, and removing trash that is accumulating inside. And then you have the mechanical checks and changing oil.

Most people barely get to the weekly and monthly and very few ever get to the bigger soul support. It simply seems unnecessary and why fix something if it ain’t broken?

I highly recommend you take more time and spend more effort on the support that your soul needs. It can be as simple as listening to your intuition and not push through when you feel exhausted. There is a reason you are not feeling the energy, and it may be because you have not taken enough time to restore (sleep, meditate, relax) or not taken in the right fuel (nourishing food and plenty of water). But most often it is bigger than that. You are still catching up from a couple of changes ago.

We are so used to focusing on our physical body that we can easily forget it is attached to a soul. And that this soul is the true foundation of all we do. And it is asking you to take it seriously. Right now. What can you do now to restore the connection with your soul and to allow it the time to integrate? Whatever comes to mind first is what will benefit you most. I highly recommend you find a way to do it! You will be so glad that you did.

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