What is your hidden abundance barrier?

October 7, 2014

As you may know the inner creates the outer, which means that anything that is not congruent with your inner beliefs, past experiences and assumptions will not be manifested. Because your energy simply can’t hold it.

We all are operating from software that was created a long time ago. Parts of it were influenced by your childhood and upbringing, your culture, your experiences and so on. Very often parallel or past lives have an impact as well. As well as collective beliefs. Many people who are spiritually active believe they can’t or shouldn’t charge money for their gift. And thus they don’t attract much money at all.

Are you going through a feast or famine cycle over and over again?
Are you struggling to pay the bills at the end of the month?
Are you having difficulty to break through a certain income level, as if there is a glass ceiling you can’t get past?

Then you have one or more hidden abundance barriers that are holding you back!

Energetic programming and subconscious beliefs are influencing the amount of money that is flowing to you.

And this is not just about money! Abundance includes love, energy and joy as well.

Some of the hidden abundance barriers I see most often are:

As long as these and other abundance barriers are in place you won’t be able to manifest continually with ease and in the flow.

This means you won’t be able to receive the abundance that is truly yours. Because you are either keeping it at bay through your underlying beliefs or you simply can’t receive it. It can’t get to you.

Often people who win the lottery ‘lose’ their money in several years, ending up pretty much in the same financial situation they started with. That’s simply because their system was not wired to hold on to that much energy (abundance).

Their vibration was not a match for that abundance level. So it was not sustainable. That’s one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs are in a feast or famine cycle. Their vibrational level doesn’t support being on a ‘feast’ level all the time. Without the underlying foundational system they can only escape it temporarily.

The good news is, I can help you.

You are not meant to suffer and limp along.

It is your birthright to share your gift with the world and be handsomely rewarded for it.

All the time.

Through my in-depth individual work I can help you break through the hidden abundance barriers that are holding you back. If there is any part of your life where you are not experiencing full flow, then you can benefit from this deep healing support.

It will help you relax and open up to the flow of abundance. Which is bigger than just money. This includes love, energy and joy as well.

We’ll get clear on your main abundance barrier and do powerful energetic work to shift this block at a deep cellular level as well as heal scar tissue that is blocking the flow.

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