I was dying inside

June 1, 2022

I did all the things that I thought were supposed to make me happy… but I wasn’t. I got the corporate job, the brand-new house, the handsome husband.

I was working in corporate marketing and even though I enjoyed my job, I was exhausted and drained.

Then I was offered an opportunity to run a local boutique I could get to by bike – it sounded like the perfect solution, no big commute, no work after hours… it sounded great, so I took the leap. But after a few months I realized it wasn’t right for me. I wasn’t being challenged and I was dying there.

I knew I wanted something different.

I had only been out of corporate marketing for five months and thought I would go back. Immediately I got invitations for job interviews so I gave my notice at the boutique. I would take the summer off, prepare for our wedding and hopefully start a new job after our honeymoon. With having more time, I started paying more attention to taking care of myself.

Because I had all this time off – after no longer being busy prepping for the wedding and after the honeymoon – I had expected to feel recharged. But I was still exhausted. That’s when I ended up seeing a naturopath and learned what was wrong.

That’s when I decided to get well first.

When I spoke to a headhunter and told him I would withdraw from the selection procedure and focus on my health, I was surprised to hear his response. He said, “I noticed something about you. You gave all the right answers but you were not fully there. It was like you weren’t fully alive.

It was both good and bad to hear him say that.

It confirmed it was the right decision to stop applying for jobs. If I got a new job, it would prevent me from becoming fully healthy.

His response also showed my lack of vitality was more visible to the outside world than I thought it had been. Hearing that cut deep.

It had been such a gradual process of burnout – but the headhunter noticed me in the moment with fresh eyes and saw what was off.

I’m so grateful I took that time out because I would never have gotten where I am today without that. I might have muddled along without being fully alive.

Fast forward to today.

It feels like that was two lifetimes ago compared to how I feel now.

There’s been a huge overhaul of my entire life. I’m no longer married. It was three houses ago and my career changed entirely.

Creative thinking work was the start of my business – I started facilitating brainstorm sessions – that led to team building, then private sessions and now the work I do today.

I feel great.

I feel so much more myself and in touch with myself.

I feel like I had forgotten who I was or perhaps I always repressed some of it. And I’m so grateful I found the way back to who I am at my core.

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