Stuck in the middle

May 9, 2018

There are times when nothing seems to work. No matter how hard you try you feel like you are wading through mud. Everything feels sluggish or hard. You need all your strength to move forward even the slightest bit.

I remember a time when I was stuck in the middle. It was a period in which I had made a lot of changes and suddenly things seemed to come to a standstill. No matter what I tried I was unable to get things back into motion.

It was like pushing a giant boulder uphill and I feared getting crushed underneath. It’s not like there were very many tangible things that went wrong—it was more a sense of wrongness. Like I wasn’t where I was supposed to be. And it was exhausting. Even the things that normally helped me get back in the flow were no longer yielding the desired result.

I applied everything I knew and even that didn’t seem to be enough.

Until I surrendered. Until I accepted that I didn’t know.

Deep down I felt that even though I didn’t understand what was happening, I was going to be OK. That somehow there was a plan for my life and this was part of it—even though I didn’t want it to be.

When I surrendered I allowed the flow to return. When I stopped forcing life to go the way I wanted I was able to release the thoughts and ideas that kept me stuck.

Because often when we grow we go through a phase of inaction—a period of integration. But we are so used to making things happen through our actions that we misinterpret what is going on. We think doing more will create the desired result while being more is the answer.

I know when you are not in a good place it is often difficult to shift from doing to being, and that is why I recorded an activation that helps you be more present and more in touch with what is going on around you. 

After you listened to the recording I recommend you take a few minutes for yourself to let the energy settle. And remember to drink lots of water 😉

I would love to hear what happened for you during the activation or how you felt afterwards! Simply email me at iris[at]2brighteyes[dot]com

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