Why self-love is hard

July 29, 2014

selfloveIt is often easy to see something beautiful in people around you. To love them for who they fully are, to see their strengths and what they are good at. It is not so easy when it comes to seeing your own beauty. We complain about wrinkles and a little extra weight. We see what is not perfect or the way we want it to be. We see all these flaws when we look at ourselves. And from time to time you look in the mirror and think “Hey gorgeous, you did pretty well today!”. But often these instances are rare. And we easily forget about them.

It is not so easy to see what we are good at and even when we do, we are the first to dismiss it. “Oh that old dress?”, “Oh I just whipped something up”, “I winged it”, “It was nothing really”. How often do you take full credit for the things you do? And then I mean really letting it sink in. Not just saying a polite thank you, while thinking to yourself that you didn’t really try hard.

We have been told so often that we need to fit in and follow certain rules that it has impacted our ability to see our true beauty. Recently I spoke about ‘seeing the raw beauty of who you fully are’. When did you last see yourself like that? Have you ever?

We are so conditioned to improve things and always work harder, that we often don’t appreciate what comes easy to us. I remember one time someone asked me, “So what is it that you do with your clients?” And I said “oh, I just do something”. In Dutch “ik doe maar wat”. And she got almost angry at me and told me to never say that again! She made me see that I was totally dismissing the fact that it is my gift to be in the moment and with what is and that allows me to support people with what they need most right now! Since that comes so easy to me I was not seeing the full value.

We often need someone else to help us see who we truly are, they mirror back our beauty.

Who has helped you recently to see yourself more clearly?

It may be a good time to thank them 😉



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