Are you in No Man's Land?

August 26, 2014

Do you know those nights where you lie in bed and can’t sleep? Something is bothering you. You may now what it is or it can just be a restlessness that won’t go away. Well, I have had my share of these nights this week. There was something going on in the physical world that could contribute to part of that worrying, but even after the problem was ‘fixed’ I had another night of tossing and turning.

My jaw was clenched, I could feel the stress in my entire body, my mind kept going a mile a minute and nothing I did would really relieve it. I’ve tried grounding, breathing into it, releasing the feeling, stepping fully into it and owning it. I’ve tried breathing deeper, surrender fully, relaxing my entire body and any other technique or trick I knew. Nada. Now, it’s not that I can’t deal with a couple of nights of less sleep. Or that I can’t function beyond the worry or the feeling that something is off.

But I kept feeling that I was missing something or there was a shift I could make if only I was able to see WHAT IT WAS. I asked my guides and angels and all I heard was: “believe”. OK, not sure what to believe, but I believe that everything is okay and will be okay.

Fast-forward to this morning. I was doing my daily yoga when it suddenly hit me: I am in No Man’s Land! This is the place between two phases. It’s when you’ve completed one thing and have not yet fully entered the next. You can feel kind of lost and nothing is working. It is a stage that can last seconds, minutes or days. Sometimes even weeks. And it suddenly made sense.

No wonder nothing I did was making a difference, in no man’s land it is as if your wheels are spinning. Like you are in between two worlds with no context. Just knowing that and realizing it makes my body relax. I am still in no man’s land but I no longer feel the need to struggle. I know I will get there.

This week I drew the card ‘career change’ and I thought ‘now what?’. What career change? I am doing fine and have just stepped into many new things. I have a plan here. And then in the back of my mind I kinda knew what this was about. And it got brought to the forefront later. So as scary as it is to write this, I still will.

I feel a calling to help performers and athletes. I know I can help them feel better and perform better. I believe many of them are overwhelmed by the energetic attention they are getting. Their being in the spotlight literally attracts too much energy to them. Their songs, films and athletic performances arouse many emotions in people. And without realizing it they direct these emotions to the person that stirred it. As a result the performer gets flooded with all these tears, happiness, excitement, sadness and grief. And I think many performers don’t know how to keep that out of their system. So they walk around with a cloud of emotions that is not theirs. And somehow they need to find a way to cope with that. And I believe that’s when they start self-medicating.

So have I helped any famous people yet? Nope. Do I believe I can? Yes, absolutely. Because I am an expert at helping people manage their energy. That’s something I’ve learned the hard way and that is why I can tune in so well, because I am aware of the little nuances.

I believe these performers are bright shining lights that bring a lot to this world. Seeing them suffer makes me sad and I think that in order for this world to be a better place they have a big role to play. They inspire so many people that we need to take care of them too. We all feel better after listening to a good song or after watching a movie or a supreme athletic performance. Whether it makes us laugh, or smile or cry; it uplifts us. It is a form of healing. And if it is my job to serve some of them then I will gladly do so.

PS If you are currently in No Man’s Land, know that it is a sign of growth—as uncomfortable as it is. If you want to invite in high-end support to help you navigate the changes you are going through then I’d love to support you with my SWEET POWERTM Transformative Mentoring program.

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