How to stop misinterpreting other people for smoother negotiations

September 29, 2023

I enjoy helping people to navigate interpersonal challenges at work. Clients like to bounce situations off me—I help them get clear on the other person’s perspective.

We make so many assumptions, most of which are negatively colored. When we look at it from a neutral perspective, we see a misinterpretation or a miscommunication. People most often read the situation differently from how it’s intended.

I have clients who have been with me for years. One business owner has a session every two weeks. He gathers whatever is going on that he would like my perspective on. To get my insights on what can he shift and change so he won’t attract a similar situation in the future. And tap into my intuitive insights on what he needs to know about the situation at hand to change it, and what he can heal for himself to shift the situation.

This is what Jim (a different client) said:

“Iris, thank you for your feedback and visions! What you do is an important, ground-breaking and interesting addition to the repertory of means that nowadays leaders can and should work with. It has strengthened me personally and it quickly gets to the core of the topics that engage me. It also helps to easily bring together different lifelines, both where it concerns my own desires as well as what I can do for others and contribute to organizations.”

Another client wanted insights on negotiating whether they would sell the company to another party. While they were shifting and changing and attracting a new managing director and someone was leaving, I was there to help them pay attention and know what to look out for that wasn’t obvious or something the rational mind could predict.

My support on the situation helped them:

If you are a CEO, Board member or manager, navigating big deals and situations requiring insight and sensitivity, I can help you get clear on what’s going on below the surface so that you get that extra perspective.

I’d love to be your compass!

With everything being so volatile and changing faster and faster, it becomes impossible to have all the information so it’s hard to make a purely rational decision. Intuition is becoming more and more important to make the right choice.

If you’re looking for intuitive guidance and support navigating changes and interpersonal conflict at work, book a complimentary call to discuss how I might be able to support you.

I’d love to speak to you!

PS My rates for private mentoring go up per October 15th, 2023. If you’ve been on the fence about working with me privately, then this is a great time to take that step.

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