How to manage your energy in the midst of change

November 26, 2013

heideA new month brings new energy. The last week of August has been very interesting for me. I had a few days off and enjoyed being outdoors at a National Park (see picture) here in The Netherlands. The weather was great and it was quite relaxing. Halfway through the week I felt the energy shift and that became visible in the physical world as well. First of all my car broke down. The mechanic at the garage said it was a miracle that I had made it that far, and when he heard where I had come from that day he shook his head and could not believe it. (so thank you guardian angel!). In fact there was suddenly so much going on with my car that I was invited to seriously consider whether I wanted to repair it or look for another car. And the fact is: I don’t want another car. I’m real happy with this one. I love everything about it. So when I started exploring alternatives all I could see was how it was less pretty, or practical, how it was smaller and less luxurious or in a colour that I didn’t care for.

As you may know, in some energetic perspectives your car stands for ‘you’. So if we replace ‘car’ by ‘me’ that gives an interesting perspective. “I don’t want another Iris, I’m real happy with this one. All alternatives are less appealing!”

And since I went through some major shifts this summer it became clear to me that I was resisting this new version of me. And to top things off, when I came home after several days there was no electricity in my home. The main fuse was blown… Speaking about a total rewiring…

So I got to work. I consciously managed my energy around these situations and opened myself up for change. Welcoming it in and seeing this as an opportunity to grow.

Now let me ask you. Is there something that you are resisting? Is there a part of you that needs integrating or embracing? With the changes in energy that are going on we are all invited to step up to the plate (as I mentioned in my last Energetic Update). So are you stepping up? Or is there something that you are resisting?

I know how much time and energy it costs when you don’t embrace the changes and when you don’t know how to manage your energy in the midst of change. I’ve done this wrong enough times to know how to do it right 😉

And I bundled these insights in my online program Energy Management for Sensitive Souls!

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