The Energy of 2015 – what to expect

January 15, 2015

2015 newThis year will be a year of changes throughout. Not like the past year in which many deep transformations took place. We know many of you are still reeling from that.

It is time for you to become aware of the power that lays dormant inside you. You have something unique to give and the world needs that. And it needs it now. As you have seen in the past days and weeks many events in the news spoke of unrest and unbalance in the world. The world needs more balance and the more of you are in your personal harmony, the more that influences the overall balance. In Dutch they say ’improve the world and start with yourself’. It is time to start doing that.

Where you have been holding back you are now called forward. It is time to leave the trenches and step up and become much more visible. What the world needs now is you in all your glory. You’ve been holding yourself back and doubting whether what you have to offer is valuable enough and whether it will sustain you. We tell you that it will. Although it may look differently than you might think. Be open to alternatives and to possibilities. The road doesn’t always lead straight ahead. Sometimes detours take you exactly where you need to go.

Trust the flow of life and trust the energy around you. Your intuition is telling you where to go. Your guides, teachers and angels are all around you whispering in your ear what to do. You are often trying so hard not to hear it. Take more time for yourself and for tuning in. Making the space both in your day and in your heart to hear what you need to know.

The world needs you to play a bigger game and deep inside you are yearning for just that. Allow yourself to be transported to where you need to go and allow things to unfold. Too often you try to force your way through because you think you know what you need. Most often you do not. Feel your way forward and allow others to support you. And above all: ask for their support. It is here waiting for you.

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