Top 3 tips for any crisis

January 27, 2015

16708583_mI often see people panic and freeze when things are not going their way. Whether it is about a lack of money, the failure of a project, the loss of something or a simple lack of flow. I’ve seen it time and again. Perhaps that’s our old fight or flight response. But when things go wrongs and pressure starts building, we often forget the most basic things we can normally do with our eyes closed. So here are three simple yet extremely powerful reminders on what to do when you are going through a hard time. I would say these 3 tips would go for almost any crisis.

1 Manage your energy

First and foremost get a grip on your energy. Chances are that when the shit hits the proverbial fan, you are not fully grounded, you don’t feel calm and you can easily feel yourself slip into thinking about all kinds of worst-case scenarios. Simply remember that everything is energy and that what you send out you will attract. So no more feeding the fear.

Take a time-out and start to focus on managing your energy so you will feel balanced and grounded and at least neutral about the situation. You may still not like the situation you are in, but you will no longer be feeding it with your fearful energy. And in this case I would recommend ‘fake it until you make it’. At this point there will always be someone saying “but Iris, I really don’t like fake”.

Well, neither do I. But in this case I make an exception. I’ll give you an example to illustrate that. Imagine you are feeling off (and some of you won’t have to imagine, just feel), now I want you to smile. When I ask you this, you don’t feel like smiling, you’re upset! However, as soon as you force the corners of your mouth up into a smile, it releases happy hormones in your brains and you’ll start to feel better immediately! How’s that for an instant energy shift!

2 Reach out for support

Often when things go wrong or when we are disappointed, we have a tendency to turn inwards. Sometimes out of shame that something didn’t work out or simply to deal with the disappointment. I warmly recommend you to open up to someone you trust, someone who will listen to your story with an open mind and heart. Someone who can relate. So e.g. when you are self-employed and are struggling financially: reach out to a fellow entrepreneur to share your story. (There is no point in hearing from a friend that it’s time you get a job for some financial security. That will only make you feel worse and misunderstood.)

By sharing your story you are opening up to the flow, it will usually lighten your load and it gives other people a chance to support you! Emotionally or otherwise. We often think we need to fight our battles on our own, but it can be so valuable to ask for support along the way. Plus, you would prefer to support a friend instead of having them struggle silently, right?

And don’t forget to ask your guides, teachers and angels for support as well! They’re waiting for you to reach out for support because they will never interfere with your free will.

3 Ask for inspired ideas (and take action on them!)

This is an important step that many people forget. Managing your energy and feeling good is important, but if you never take action you will only feel good, and not shift much about the actual situation. Now this is not about blindly taking action and shifting into overdoing, this is about taking aligned inspired actions that will help you change the situation at hand. This ensures that you do all that you can do about it. This is step 3 and for a good reason. Asking about inspired ideas and tuning into your intuition is not going to be easy when you are in your head (instead of grounded and in your heart) and when your energy is going all over the place. Hence manage your energy first! Then from a calm and grounded place you can tune into your intuition and ask “What can I do now to shift this situation?”. And make it as concrete as possible. E.g. “What can I do now to attract more clients?” or “What can I do now to make this a success?”.

And don’t forget to take immediate action on the ideas you receive. Whether it is writing an email or making a phone call. Often these are seemingly small actions and we cannot fathom how it will ever solve our problem. Frequently it seems totally unrelated!

That is because your mind does not have the answers, you can’t think your way out of the situation. The solutions lie somewhere beyond the horizon of your brains, where serendipity and coincidence meet. The universal energy knows and that’s why you’re inspired to take that action. So trust the process and keep taking aligned actions and soon you will see the situation shift and change.

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