Are you grounded enough?

July 5, 2013

What is that actually? Grounding? And why is it important?

Grounding yourself is important because it helps you to ‘be in your body’. It ensures that the energy is distributed evenly over your body and is not concentrated in your head. Most people work a lot ‘with their head’ and spend quite some time behind the computer. Then it is hard to stay grounded. The thinking processes literally draw the energy to your head, to your brain. These brain activities require quite some fuel in the form of energy. If you often have cold feet or trouble sleeping, if you lay away at night creating ‘to do’ lists in your head, chances are that you are not grounded enough. A large part of your energy is then concentrated in your head, which makes it hard to relax and find some peace and quiet.

There are several exercises that you can do that help you ground, or in other words that help you to evenly distribute the energy throughout your body. For example, it helps to not work on the computer after dinner. Or to take a walk outside or a relaxing bath.

There are also several essential oils that help you ground.

Lavender is a good example of a grounding oil. Put a drop of pure essential oil on your index fingers en gently massage it into your temples. This will help you relax and ‘lowers’ you into your body. You can just feel that you have both feet firmly on the ground again.

Cedar oil is also very effective. You can diffuse a few drops in an aroma diffuser or use it in a relaxing bath (use max. 10 drops in a full bath*). Pine oil is really suitable for during the day. It works stimulating as well and will give you renewed energy. A scent that I designed especially to help you ground is ‘Find your Center’. It is available in a handy perfume roller so you can use it directly on your skin.

When you are fully grounded you will feel better and firmly rooted. It also gives you the balance you need so your thoughts won’t keep going and you will be able to relax.

* Always use an emulsifier, such as neutral bath oil, so the oil will not stay afloat. This dosage is for an adult.

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