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Flourish in 2012 - What does 2012 smell like?

July 5, 2013

2012 is a year of complicated contrasts. The differences between big and small will increase. Those who are open to developing themselves will feel supported and will be able to take big steps on their personal path of growth. What will be especially rewarded is ‘thinking across boundaries’. Especially stretching your own boundaries and moving past self imposed limitations will yield great results. Look through new eyes and see your situation in a new light, see which opportunities are right in front of you. You have gathered a lot of experience in the past years, and now is the time to reap the fruits. Let yourself be surprised by what this year has to offer, and don’t tie yourself down too much. Follow the flow and feel the inner wisdom that is guiding you on your journey.

The scent of 2012 will support you in this. It is a scent that appeals to the self healing qualities of the body. It also helps you to become more powerful and creative and to truly ‘flourish’. Savour what this scent had to offer, both in aromatic qualities as in offering support on what you are here to do, to further open up and flourish as a flower.

This scent ‘Flourish in 2012′ has been created from the following pure essential oils:
• Grapefruit: Surrender to the joy of life
• Ylang Ylang: Surrender and let yourself manifest who you truly are
• Red Orange: Pay attention to the signals of your body
• Rose: Connect to the love that is residing in your heart.
• Cinnamon: Feel the warmth
• Anise: Be open to a new beginning
• Lime: Think freely and let it flow

This lightly sweet and refreshing scent helps purify and clear the air. This scent is stimulating in case of tiredness and apathy. It also helps to relax during stress, depression and nervousness. This scent is no longer available.

“I have just received the scent of 2012! When I smell this scent I really look forward to 2012!!”

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