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Are you ready for new insights?

July 5, 2013

April is a month in which a couple of things are about to happen. The first shoots of green will continue to grow and new energy resources will be tapped into. Clarity around your goal will increase and you will be able to take steps that will bring you closer to your dream. You can expect clarity and insights throughout this month, probably at very unexpected moments and out of unexpected sources. Be sure to have pen and paper with you so you can make a note of any and all brainwaves and insights.

Enjoy what nature has to offer and take good care of yourself. Rapid growth requires taking time for necessary rest and relaxation. Pay attention to what your surroundings have to offer, not only regarding insights but also in nourishment and nurturing. The growth season has just started, there is no need to rush…

The scent of the month April is created from the following essential oils:

These scents can be used to support you in the coming month.

This article provides you with insights into what you can expect during this month. Are you are looking for clarity on what your next step could be?

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