7 Signs your soul is changing

April 18, 2018

Do you know the feeling that something is going on—like a drone in the back of your head—but you can’t put your finger on what it is? And you can’t make it go away?

I really don’t like these moments when I feel things are shifting but they seem just out of my grasp. It makes me feel powerless—and I prefer to be in control.

Yes, I know the control is an illusion but most of us cling to it anyway. It takes conscious effort to surrender and release.

It’s much easier to let go when you feel calm and relaxed. But when you are pressured, stressed or restless it doesn’t come so naturally.

What helps is knowing where the restlessness or sense of unease comes from. That’s why I’m sharing the 7 signs that your soul is undergoing a shift:

  1. Your preferences change. E.g. you crave food you normally don’t eat, things you used to love don’t excite you any more, or you don’t resonate as much with people you have known for a long time.
  2. You are restless.
  3. You don’t feel quite like yourself, like you are in no-man’s land.
  4. Things don’t affect you like they used to do—in fact you could use a new manual for yourself. Because you are not sure which buttons to push to make something happen.
  5. You feel like you are at a crossroads (and it scares you).
  6. You know that you are changing but you are not sure why.
  7. You feel a sense of loss.

When you recognize one or more of these signs you are probably going through a soul facet change. It’s something that is happening for many people at this moment. It means a part of your soul—a certain characteristic—is morphing out and making room for a new soul element to come in.

This means you are getting ready for a new phase in your life.

So it’s good news. Except that most of us resist this transformation. We intuit that something is changing. And we cling to the ‘old’ soul part that is leaving.

The problem?

We don’t allow the new soul piece to come in. And that means we delay the process. We prolong the pain and the unease, and we prevent new things from entering our life.

If we resist this change long enough we get stuck.

So how can you support this shift?

I created a unique online workshop to facilitate your soul facet change.

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