7 Signs your soul is changing

April 18, 2018

Right now the energy is changing so much that many of us are stepping forward into a new phase of their life. You may feel a desire to make changes or a need to do things differently.

These are signs you are getting ready to step further into your power. In order to have access to all the qualities you need for this new phase your soul is going through a ‘facet change’.

This means that a part of your soul—the part that helped you get to this exact point—is morphing out and a new element is coming in.

Since our physical body cannot hold all of our soul’s energy, we only keep those parts of our soul close that we need now. As we evolve, the energy and insights we need change and when we are at a pivotal moment we welcome in a new part of our soul (and let go of a piece we no longer need).

A soul facet change can be very confusing because things that used to work no longer feel right and your preferences may shift.

These are signs you are going through a Soul Facet Change:

  1. Your preferences change. E.g. you crave food you normally don’t eat, things you used to love don’t excite you any more, or you don’t resonate as much with people you have known for a long time.
  2. You are restless.
  3. You don’t feel quite like yourself, like you are in no-man’s land.
  4. Things don’t affect you like they used to do—in fact you could use a new manual for yourself. Because you are not sure which buttons to push to make something happen.
  5. You feel like you are at a crossroads (and it scares you).
  6. You know that you are changing but you are not sure why.
  7. You feel a sense of loss.

If any of this resonated, you are likely going through one of the major shifts we go through in our life. And it’s important to be aware of that.

Because we have a tendency to resist change. Especially when it comes to something so personal as part of our soul being exchanged for a new—less familiar—piece, we can hit the brakes and unnecesarily prolong this process. Making it harder and more painful than it needs to be.

Rather than embrace this new phase of our life, we tend to cling to the ‘old’ soul part that is leaving.

The problem?

We don’t allow the new soul piece to come in. And that means we delay the process. We prolong the pain and the unease, and we prevent new things from entering our life.

If we resist this change long enough we get stuck.

So how can you support this shift?

I created a unique online workshop to facilitate your soul facet change.

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This online workshop includes an energetic activation to facilitate your personal soul facet change—making the shift easier, quicker and less painful.

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