A workshop with the Carriers of Light

Free online event on June 6th

“We’ll speak of things that support you in connecting more fully from the heart. As the raise in vibration continues, you’ll need other tools to support yourself and stay connected.

Many of you feel off track or notice big changes in mood and energy level. This has to do with your body’s need to adapt and transform slowly to a more heightened state of awareness.

This day we will lead you through a series of energies that help support your physical system, and allow you to release lower vibrations such as fear, anger, worry and shame.

We welcome you into this space with arms stretched wide—feel the wind at your back and let yourself be carried forward. You need not be alone.”

—The Carriers of Light

A workshop with the Carriers of Light

This event has already taken place

What will this event bring you?

You can leave your worries and To Do list at the door. This event is for you. Because you work hard, and care deeply for others.

Now it is your time to receive—and recharge. So sit back, relax and enjoy the warm bath.


Annette Charite
New York, USA - The Soul Mate Coach

The live channel was absolutely wonderful and gave me a different perspective! It was loving, supportive and constructive. I gained more clarity and also some valuable tools and tangible steps to assist me in taking action. It brought confirmations of what I knew already but more importantly it offered solutions I can implement. Iris led with compassion and supporting energy. It was exceptional!

Introducing the Carriers of Light

The Carriers of Light are a group of energies—or entities if you will—that is here to help you raise your vibration so you can hold more of your light. Iris has been chosen as their emissary. This was their first message several years ago. It still holds true today.

“Dear ones,

We are thrilled to meet you here and be sharing the same energy. We have been waiting for a long time to be able to come through with this message. The time has come to take a new step in evolution. We ask you to take up your birthright and really be who you are. We ask you to see the beauty and the light in yourself and others. You are such a wonderful, beautiful creature. You have the ability to see the world though your eyes and through your unique experience. That makes you one of a kind.

Many of you still wonder whether what you do matters, whether what you have to offer is valuable or unique enough. We tell you that it is. For it carries the energy and the vibration of you. That is a unique vibration that only you carry. The world needs that. You each have a piece of the puzzle and for you to shine your light brightly is the goal of this game – the goal of those who came here on earth.

We are here to help you see that and feel that. If you take a moment and feel deep inside,  you can feel a longing, an awakening. We are helping you to take the steps through which you can carry more of your light inside. While you raise your vibration you will be increasing the intensity and the flow of light in and around you. You will be able to feel more love and act out of love. Love for yourself and love for others.

For now we ask you to realize that you are here for a reason. You carry a unique vibration inside you that helps others unlock their potential. You each have a key to someone else’s lock. You all help each other on this journey. That’s why you are not meant to do this alone. Seek out your teachers and coaches, your colleagues and partners. And know that the energy will lead you where you need to go. If only you are willing to listen.”


Rebecca Zook
Arlington, VA, USA - Zook Tutoring

The live channel was calming and grounding. I felt really cared for and nourished. I felt safe to share some questions that I’ve been carrying around for a while. I love how Iris effortlessly interacts between the spiritual and the practical. It brought me deep intuitive insights via the channel about how to approach issues I have been struggling with for years and instantaneous confirmation that I was on the right track with my ideas. I experienced a supportive, loving, open and grounded community of likeminded people to receive guidance and uplift each other. Iris is a powerful and effective workshop leader, combining the leadership strength to create a powerful container with extremely supple and caring receptive & compassionate energy.

About session leader,
Iris van Ooyen


Iris van Ooyen is the emissary for the Carriers of Light. They are a group of energies—or entities if you will—that is here to help you raise your vibration so you can hold more of your light.

She is also the creator of the SWEET POWERTM approach to personal and career development, growth, and self-care designed for those who have big things to do in this world, but who often feel drained by the demand that showing up big requires.

Through her research, she’s identified four distinctive stages that sensitive souls experience in their growth process, and the underbelly of her work lies in helping that particular audience determine where they are on the growth curve, and​ ​discover​ ​the​ ​right​ ​steps​ ​to​ ​move forward—and​ ​kick​ ​a**.

An MBA with a background in corporate marketing, Iris combines her extensive business experience with her renowned razor-sharp intuitive insights in order to support those struggling in their career, business, or high performance as a whole. Her clients—including Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs to business managers and teams—praise her ability to quickly zero in on what is not working and facilitate energetic transformations that carry over into all aspects of life and work.

A workshop with the Carriers of Light

This event has already taken place

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