Change Your Source Code

Be all you can be

We come into this body with a certain base frequency. A frequency that is aligned with who we are and what we came here to do. This vibration allows us to experience life from a specific angle—a base starting point.

And there are times, such as now, that an overhaul of your frequency is desired.

You need to amp up your vibration so you are allowing more of your light to shine through.

The Carriers of Light are calling forth those who wish to step up. Those souls who choose to go beyond what is currently available in their experience. Souls who are ready to stretch themselves and open their arms wide so they can be all they can be.


How does it work?

I’ve recenty hosted a virtual retreat that was so powerful that I knew I had to turn it into an online program. This program 🙂

Key is the question “What do you want to change in your life?” In order to make the shifts needed for your desired change, we’ll go straight to the core of it all and change your source code.

In a series of five extremely powerful healing activations we’ll shift what you need to shift now in order to make space for a new vibration to come in. Because as you may know: once the energy shifts, everything changes!

The pre-work takes you through various elements of the key question and helps you prepare for the five activations. Each activation focuses on a particular aspect.

We’ll release what you are ready to let go of and we’ll support your physical, mental, emotional and energetic body with what you need in order to allow that shift in vibration to happen with ease.

The Carriers of Light have created this special program for who feels called to be more. The activations are infused with loving messages and insights that help you see who you can be, where you can allow more of yourself to shine through and how you can go about that.

Huub Glas
Vught, The Netherlands - Zeven Deugden

I enjoyed doing this program. It was well-guided and the five steps are easy and pleasant to follow. It felt good to consciously take time away from all the busyness and concentrate on myself. That in and of itself was already powerful.

The program makes me feel calm and confident. It helps to release limiting beliefs and create new ones which support you in your next steps. I’ve already thought of someone who I’d like to recommend this program to.

5-step Program to Change Your Soure Code

Client testimonial

Adrianne M. Rowe
Metuchen, NJ, USA - Violet Petals Yoga

I found this program extremely powerful, transformative, and beautiful! It has given me clarity and solid insights to move forward with more confidence.

In the beginning of the call, I felt a bit anxious and had a chill in my body. Afterwards, I felt a lot warmer, less anxious and more settled. At the end I noticed that everyone’s face was softer and more radiant.

The day after the program I felt really good and energetic. I look forward to re-listening to the call over and over, to gain even more insights. Since the Change Your Source Code retreat, there have been multiple people reaching out to me for various things. So, there’s definitely a shift in reconnections and new opportunities.

As always thank you for your brilliant insights.

5 powerful healings. Reprogram your source code. A whole new sense of vitality, well-being and ease on the other side.

Client testimonial

Vicky Brooks
Kansas City, KS, USA

After the retreat I noticed a big difference in our faces. We do look lighter and softer, and we are all smiling in the “after” photos. My energy has finally settled down today. (= 5 days after the retreat)

I had flashes of being hot till yesterday, which is unusual for me. Overall, I feel much calmer and more open. It’s like I’m discovering a new me – the old me!!

Get the 5-step program to amp up your vibration!

This online program shifts your frequency so you can be all you can be! These five powerful healing activations reprogram outdated code inside yourself so you can allow in more light, flow, ease and love.

You get immediate access to this unique content !

Client testimonial

karen vago1
Karen Vago
Paris, France - Genetic Eating Expert

This retreat came at a perfect timing for me. I had just made a major change in my life: moving to the country after living in the same city and place for 36 years. I was ready for a deep change in who I am and what I want.

To me the word that most describes this retreat is “commanding.” It’s time for me to command my life into being. To command who I want to be now and what I want. To bring it in and affirm it with conviction and belief.

I came out of the retreat with a profound sense of relief, that it is I who am in the driver’s seat and I’m not alone. I knew this before—but now it is part of my reality and I need to nurture it every day.


Q: Who are the Carriers of Light?

A: The Carriers of Light are a group of energies—or entities if you will—that is here to help you raise your vibration so you can hold more of your own light. They help you see things with new eyes:

“We invite you, we encourage you, we support you. We are here for you. We are here for you always. We are here for you to answer questions, to provide support and a different perspective, a perspective from a different realm, a perspective from a different elevation. As we are able to see a little further around the corner from where we are, since we are not confined in our physical bodies, since we are not confined on this planet earth. And since we have not cut ourselves off from our soul, as you have allowed yourself to do.”

Iris is the spokeswoman of this group. The loving guidance, healing energy and universal wisdom of the Carriers of Light has touched many hearts and helped countless people receive clarity on their path.

Q: Is this a self-study program?

A: Yes, the content has been organized in such a way that you are guided through the various steps via this online program. Which means you can do the pre-work and listen to the healing activations whenever works best for you!

Pamela van der Goot
Pamela van der Goot
Den Haag, The Netherlands

What a powerful and deep healing session! It was very intense. My solar plexus went through a lot, all good. The healings built on each other so well—addressing my healing intention from many different angles. This feels like something I can do repeatedly. Thank you so much!

Get the 5-step program to amp up your vibration!

This online program shifts your frequency so you can be all you can be! These five powerful healing activations reprogram outdated code inside yourself so you can allow in more light, flow, ease and love.

You get immediate access to this unique content !

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