What is your weakest link?

March 19, 2014

brokenchainIn the past few weeks I received great clarity for myself and my business during a deep internal process. I got clear on where the energy was stagnant, where things were not in the flow and where I was not having fun in my business. This lead to some important shifts and changes and helped me lay a new foundation for my business. One that is totally aligned with where I am at now. This reminded me of some important energetic truths.

You have probably heard the expression ‘the chain is only as strong as the weakest link’. What I have learned over the past years is that the same goes for your business as well. There is often one or more area in your business where the energy flows less or is even stagnant. This means that no matter how much energy you spend in other areas of your business, you can never grow and expand beyond a certain point. Because the least flowing area is holding you back. Sometimes it is literally working as a brake. It’s like a car that is spinning its wheels but not getting anywhere. Your weakest link is limiting your business growth.

It’s simply physics, the whole cannot go faster than the slowest piece. So when one area of you or your business is vibrating at a lower frequency, it automatically influences and lowers the overall vibration. The solution is to increase the vibration of the weakest link. Now the key question is: what is your weakest link?

Often we can have a tendency to focus on what IS working and we fail to acknowledge what is not working so well. There are often parts of our business (or life) that we ignore. Frequently these are the pieces that are not going so well. They literally receive less energy and attention (for a variety of reasons) and can often be our blind spots.

So let me ask you. Are you are putting a lot of effort in your business but you aren’t getting anywhere? Are you tired of spending a lot of time and energy on growing your business without the desired results? Then your weakest link may be why your business is not achieving its full potential.

This is why I have developed the Energetic Business Scan. This is an individual session with me via Skype in which we zero in on where the energy is not flowing and what your weakest link is (areas with least flow). You will leave with more clarity and next steps to start taking action so that the time and energy that you do spend on your business will yield maximal results. I will help you increase the overall vibration of yourself and your business so you’re ready for growth and expansion.

These sessions are usually only available for my VIP clients, but because I was reminded through my own process how important and powerful this is, I am now offering my Energetic Business Scans to my entire community for a very special price.

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