When your heart ❤️ says yes, but your mind says no

July 9, 2021

It’s a very common situation. I often see this happening with clients—and of course I have my fair share of experience with this as well.

You see something or you have an idea. It could be to purchase a book, an online program, a house, or go out for dinner with your best friend.

And your heart says YES! This is a great idea. Go ahead and do it.

But your mind starts meddling. You don’t have the time. This is not the right moment. How will you afford that? What will so and so think? And so on.

You start reasoning yourself out of an idea that sparked something within you.

You start overthinking and worrying “What if…”

Rather than follow the flow, you hit the pause button and retreat to your head. And you try to think your way out of this idea or opportunity.

I’ve done it too. And regretted it. Every Single Time!

Your mind doesn’t have all the answers. It tries to compile all the available information, compares it to past experiences and comes up with what it believes is the right solution. It works with what it knows.

Your intuition is connected to a vast source of information—the Universe. Your heart knows so much more. The Universe has a much better overview of what’s going on because it can simply see a little further ahead.

When you connect to your inner wisdom, you’ll arrive at the true answer.

Sometimes it requires a leap of faith. Often you don’t know how you’ll find the time for that appointment or the budget for that investment. And that’s scary.

But when you truly know it’s the right decision then the Universe will rearrange itself to provide for you. Always!

I’ve seen this happen time and again. For myself and many people around me. When you feel it’s the right decision to meet with your friend, suddenly someone wants to reschedule something and you end up with a free afternoon. Or a windfall comes your way and you can easily afford that investment.

So how can you tell whether it’s your true knowing?

That’s a powerfull process and one I’ll teach you in How to Listen to Your Intuition.

You’ll get the 3 divine steps that allow you to make confident and inspired decisions from your heart with ease.

You can read all about this program here now

But what can you do now, when you’re struggling between listening to your heart or your mind?

TIP: place a hand on your heart or heart chakra. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale, sending the energy to your feet. Repeat several times. Feel how you become more aware of your physical body.

In your mind’s eye let the appointment/book/house/online program come to mind. Allow yourself to feel what that stirs up in you.

Is there excitement or longing?

Is there fear or worry?

Then follow whatever comes up and see where it lives in your body. Does your energy go up, to your head? Then this is not your intuition but your thinking mind.

Does the energy stay centered in your chest—then you’re tapped into your inner knowing.

Do you feel contraction in your gut? That’s a tricky one. It can be fear of change or difficulty to trust.

Given the fact that you started this question from something that called to you—chances are that the unease in your tummy is simply a fear triggered by the unknown. A fear you should not listen to because it comes from lack and uncertainty.

Deep down you know this is the right decision. So take that leap of faith and go for it! You’ll be so glad you did 🙂

Want to get better at hearing and interpreting your intuition?

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