What you feel on the inside will manifest on the outside

August 10, 2018

You needn’t worry so much. You are here to succeed and the times you worry you choke down your energy and stop the flow.

Lean back, relax and let the energy flow freely for it will allow you to see more clearly what is needed. When you operate from fear you choose from lack, from loss, from less.

When you open up and let the energy flow the Universe can reach you more easily. It has so many more ways to support you when you don’t shut yourself off from many possibilities. Even your mind creates what you often don’t want to receive.

Allow yourself to relax to a deeper level.

Know that what you feel on the inside will manifest on the outside.

When you feel fear you create lack.

When you feel love you create flow.

When you feel gratitude you allow abundance to come forth and shower you with its endless depth.

Show yourself the way towards the light. Smile. Straighten your spine, lift up your chin and feel the energy settle.


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