Trust the process

November 11, 2018

We want you to know you are here for a reason. The delays in your life—personal and professional—are instigated. You are ready. Ready to fly high and wide.

Fear not that you are doing something wrong. There is no need to worry, things have been set in motion long ago and the lack of visible fruition is not a measurement you can rely on. Know in your heart that things ARE happening and you are progressing. Things are moving forward whether you are aware of it or not.

This day (11-11) is the culmination of many energetic events in the past weeks and months, even years. Today is the opening of a portal to a higher dimension. Those who wish to step through can access this dimension in their mind and heart. Their soulbridge will get them there.

Trust your heart. You know the truth in each situation. There is no need to worry. Concern will only push the desired results further away.

Trust what you know—the laws of the Universe. What is yours will come to you. NO ONE can take that away from you. No matter how they might try or how much you might worry. It WILL come. The timing might be different than you had hoped or expected. The Universe has an uncanny way of knowing what serves you best and at times that clashes with what you think was the best fit.

Fear not. You are here for a reason. There is something to be learned and something to be gained from this day.

Look around you. What do you see? What draws your attention? What makes you FEEL something? Go for the thing (object, person, idea, situation) that elicits the most emotion from you. Happy or sad. Whatever draws you most is what you need to spend time and energy on.

The attraction in the form of strong emotion is like a beacon guiding you on your path. We have a tendency to avert our attention from so-called negative or unpleasant emotions but in doing so we discard the lesson and we prolong the situation. Better to face things full on when they do show up. Not in an aggressive way but to explore and to learn. To seek and develop.

You can trust the process. You were at the basis of this journey. You decided where you wanted to go. Now you need to trust the Universe will take you there. And so it is.

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