A twenty-five year adventure aka my career

November 11, 2021

Never in my life had I pictured my career the way it actually happened. If you would’ve told me the story beforehand, I probably would’ve thought it was both unbelievable—and unenjoyable.

Life had a few surprises in store for me, most I didn’t see coming. Quite a few were only enjoyable with hindsight—and some not even then.

I had pictured a long and successful corporate career. Just like my dad. But after several years in corporate marketing I was introduced to the concept of creative thinking, and that turned out to be the beginning of a new phase.

I feel like I reinvented myself several times. Once I had something down, I often chose to do something else entirely. Often I wondered why I couldn’t do things the ‘easy’ way. Why I had to keep changing directions and explore new possibilities. Learn new skills and throw myself into things I had no prior experience with.

Like developing my own brand of essential oil essences—designing the blends myself.

Or writing a novel. Something I had no idea how to do. I just went ahead and did it.

It’s not like I was trying to prove something. It’s more like I couldn’t not do it.

Something inside me had been touched or stirred and I simply knew that was my next step. No matter how scary or illogical it might seem.

I had to listen to that inner voice and move forward. There was no other option. When people asked me whether it wouldn’t be smarter to keep doing some of my ‘old’ things and make easy money than abandon something completely and dive into utter uncertainty, my mind understood but my heart screamed NO!

I’ve had to surrender time and again. Many moments I navigated on trust alone. On the knowing that this was the right path, even though I had no clue where I would end up. Or how.

Surrender is super scary. It can be a joyful ride, but the point before that bliss is excruciating.

There are moments where I resisted surrendering and I only prolonged the anxiety. Whenever I allowed myself to dive in head first, was often when most of the magic happened. When I trusted and jumped—miracles showed up out of nowhere.

It wouldn’t be where I am today, looking back on twenty-five years of an adventurous career, without that surrender. Without listening to my intuition and trusting that inner knowing.

I am grateful.


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