Peek behind the curtain of your soul

February 20, 2020

When you came into your human body you hid part of your brilliance, part of your awareness—simply because it did not fit.

Your soul cannot be contained by your physical body, and in order to not feel too incomplete you hid part of your soul and dimmed your awareness.

So if you ever felt like you were missing something, this is why.

Deep down you know you’ve shut off part of yourself. That’s why there is often a longing, a yearning for something more.

The good news?

We’ve come to a moment in time where the raise in vibration allows you to connect with a deeper part of you.

The density of Earth and your body has changed enough for you to allow more of your self to shine through without being derailed.

The Carriers of Light will share more about the parts of our soul we’ve hidden.

They will lift the veil and shine a light on some deep universal truths.

It’s time to live life with your full awareness and your full presence.

Discover the parts of yourself you’ve forgotten [on purpose]

I’m very excited for what this will put in motion for you, and I hope you’ll join me!


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