How to remove your obstacle to bliss

April 19, 2021

Bliss is our natural state. It is who we are at our core in our most natural habitat. We are beings of love and light and when we are fully immersed in the flow the love pours from us without effort.

You can see it in children and their smiling faces. Everything is an adventure, an opportunity. They’re very trusting until life experience tells them to be more careful.

The moment someone starts to close down is highly dependent on their circumstances. On how they grow up and what is modelled in the people around them.

Is it natural to stay open? Or is it safer to close yourself off? To close your heart and with that your life-force energy?

As a means to protect ourselves we close our heart. We do so in an attempt to preempt hurt. Because we think when we don’t feel as much, it won’t hurt or impact us.

Of course with closing off the height of the pain, we close off the height of the joy and the good as well. But often we are so focused on preventing hurt that we don’t realize we have cut off the very love we yearn for.

Most people have accumulated scar tissue on their heart over the years. We all have our own experience of heartbreak and disappointment. These scars can make it harder to get back into a state of opening our heart and allowing more flow and joy in our lives.

If you want to experience more of the positive things in life it is important to focus on releasing the things that make you contract and close off. On your unconscious and often automatic habit of protecting your heart, and with that limiting the amount of life-force energy that is able to flow through you.

As you may know you life-force energy is directly tied to your vitality, your joy and your ability to create and be in the flow.

Opening your heart can be one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.

It’s not like there’s a button you can push to override the reflex to close yourself off. Often the habit it so ingrained and tied to your survival instinct. The scar tissue and the stories we tell ourselves about what it would mean to keep our heart open further complicate the process.

What is needed is an energetic shift that changes the entire makeup of this mechanism.

The energetic activations that are part of Lift the Veil help you shift on a cellular level. So that the energy on which you base your actions shifts.  And with that it becomes easier to keep your heart open, longer. This is the most powerful and transformative program I’ve created so far.

In the words of participant Sanne Meijboom:

“Lift the Veil is the best program I have ever done, very impactful and strong!”

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