The key to create lasting change

October 27, 2016

We all experience change. Small shifts, big transformations. At these moments we tend to think that from now on the world or our life will be different, even though we might’ve been here before.

Do you remember thinking:

I’ve truly figured it out
This time it’s different
Now I found the missing link/step/insight I didn’t have before

And then a few days or weeks later you realize not much has changed at all…

I’ve been there and it can be discouraging and frustrating. But most of all it can be a waste of time.

And over the years I’ve learned why. I’ve experienced it myself and seen it with colleagues and clients. There is one big mistake we make.

We forget to integrate change.

It’s so much easier to continue with your to-do list than to take time out to fully integrate what is going on in and around you. And I also know the problems this causes in the long run: loss of energy, lack of focus, not being able to use your full energy and strength, not to mention irritation and frustration and the way that influences you and the people around you.

I know it’s not easy to make time for integration. And having a full schedule makes it only harder.

Especially because integration can seem like a waste of time. We want to get things done and taking time to integrate means taking time to slow down. It’s a phase where not much seems to happen.  But it’s absolutely essential to fully integrate the changes we are going through.

If you don’t take the time to integrate change you really slow yourself down. You try to force yourself to be productive while your body and mind need something else.

When I don’t feel like working, but want to read a book, take a bath or a walk outside, or when I just sit and stare: I know it’s a sign I need time to integrate.

But it took me a while to get there, because I like to get things done. I felt guilty for not wanting to work, instead of seeing it as a sign to focus on something else.

So if you realize you are not getting much done, or don’t feel like working at all: pause for a moment. Ask yourself whether you perhaps need time to integrate something. You don’t even need to know exactly what that is. But trust you will know whether a shift in focus is needed if you take the time to ask.

Integration is NOT a waste of time.

Because taking the time to integrate change will actually SAVE you time.

When I force myself to continue because I have a deadline or a long To Do list it’s never very effective, and it takes much longer than needed.

After I take time for integration I am so much more creative and productive. It’s as if my system now has the energy and focus again to move forward. It’s no longer hitting the brakes in an effort to get my attention.

Now I also know it’s not always easy to make room for integration and to know HOW you integrate change.

That is why I have created Healing Heaven: Two (virtual) Spa Days for your Soul

During this retreat we will consciously carve out time to integrate change. We’ll look at what’s been going on for you this year, what you need to make room for, what you need to let go off, and what you can consciously allow into your life, your business and your body.

And we’ll get clear on which insights, action steps and shifts in perception will help you move forward into next year.

Healing Heaven is a powerful event that helps you integrate all the changes that have been going on in your life, both personally and professionally. By taking the time to integrate these changes on a physical, practical and energetic level you will free up a lot of time, energy and focus. It is part of taking good care of yourself.

It’s like rebooting your computer or your annual car check-up. When you skip that too often you are bound to run into some problems.

This has been a year of major change for everyone. Join me at Healing Heaven to integrate your changes and make room for new things. I will tune in and channel live and we will dive deep in the energy to uncover what you need most now.

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