You’re using the wrong variables

October 4, 2019

We often hold an obscured view of the past. A view that is clouded at best.

Research shows that most of the time things didn’t even happen the way we remembered it—let alone we can judge the reasons for what unfolded correctly. Or what that person’s true intentions were.

Yet it matters.

Our experience, our recollection of it, colors our present and our future. We use the past to navigate the present.

So what if we use false or incomplete information to do so?

It means we’re charting a course based on the wrong variables.

That’s why it’s important to look at the past with fresh eyes. From a broader perspective, a perspective that allows you to see all that has happened. Not just your limited view of it.

What if you could learn from the past? What if there’s an insight to be gained? What if that painful event or difficult situation has something to teach you?

I know that when you shift your perception everything changes.

That’s why it pays to look at the past. Not only to get a clearer picture of what actually happened and the intentions behind it—but to reset your perception so you can chart a course with the right variables.

There is a broader context than what we perceive from the human mind. And that context makes all the difference.

“Being able to share what happened with other people—strangers—and then hearing their story, and how you channeled the guidance of the so-called bad incidents to allow us to learn the lessons that we’re meant to learn, allows the healing to really start to begin.” – P. Ly, Hong Kong

When you get clear on what actually happened, you free the energy that was tied to that situation and you can embrace a more accurate and healthier view.

That fresh perspective not only liberates you but frees up your life-force so you have more power available to create magic with now.

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PS Are you thinking “But I never went through a traumatic event, so this workshop is not for me.”?
Not so fast 🙂

It’s often the seemingly little things that have the biggest impact. Not because the experience was traumatic in itself necessarily, but because of the meaning you attached to it. Your younger self was trying to make sense of things and it did the best it could. But that doesn’t mean your younger self drew the right conclusion, and you don’t have to carry that false assumption with you for the rest of your life.

Because even when you are not aware of it—how you remember the past does color how you view things and it impacts the decisions you make at a subconscious level. It’s like a software program running in the background, and it’s time we update the code 😉

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