Why your joy matters

July 28, 2015

09HappyroseYour joy is your passion. Your passion is what makes your heart beat. Your heart pumps much needed oxygen through your system. It’s your lifeline. So is joy.

I’m guessing there are times where you see joy as something extra, a bonus
. I invite you to rethink that. I used to think the same. So much needs to be done, so little time. And then I progressed into more ease, less stress and time-pressure. But still a long to-do list and lots of “should’s”.

I’ve come to realize that joy is crucial
. It’s what makes your heart beat faster and puts some colour on your cheeks. It’s one of the things that makes life worth living. We are not here to sit out our time and make the most of it by being productive, good citizens.

I believe we can do all that and more when we come from joy.

Your joy and your passion is what makes you unique. Whatever makes you smile adds value for all of us. Your unique perspective has you perfectly equipped for a unique sort of joy. You may find joy in things that annoy others and vice versa.

If we all follow our heart’s passion to where it leads us it will help us all
do something more fun. I think the world needs more fun, more joy, and more passion.

I’m often astounded and impressed by the magnitude of projects some people take on. And they often do because passion inspired them and joy makes them continue.

Several years ago in a session with a client what we uncovered was “That what brings you most joy is that what will bring you most.” And that was so true. It is still true now.

So where can you find more joy in your life?

You don’t need to switch your career or company focus overnight, or perhaps ever. Start simple. What can you do today to add joy to your life right now? What would make you happy and bring an instant smile on your face?

Now go ahead and do it!

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