Why reading novels is more important than you think

January 22, 2019

Reading is important for our development—no matter our age. I often hear people say they only read non-fiction because they don’t have time for novels.

I think that’s a pity as well as a misunderstanding. Non-fiction feeds the mind but fiction feeds the soul and the imagination!

A good novel can be soothing as well as stimulating, it can make you wonder about what you’ve done or are about to do. It may make you understand someone whose actions have remained a mystery until now.

I’m a strong advocate for reading, especially novels. And not just because I’ve written one 😉 I read the entire children’s department in the library at the age of ten—multiple times. Well, the good books.

If there’s something I wish for you then I wish you would read more novels this year. Pick whichever genre speaks to you most.

We’re often so busy being productive and useful that we forget the importance of play. Play is crucial. As Brené Brown said “Play is as essential to our health and functioning as rest.”                           

And the main property of play is that it is purposeless!

So yes, sit down and read a book—for fun! And if your mind needs more proof that you really aren’t wasting your time when you do something as silly and enjoyable as play you can tell you mind this:

“Play shapes our brain, helps us foster empathy, helps us navigate complex social groups, and is at the core of creativity and innovation.”—Dr. Stuart Brown

Doing something fun without purpose is not so useless after all, right? 😉

I read every day after lunch. It’s part of making my lunch break enjoyable and it helps me to not run back to my office too soon. Because I know I’ll be more productive after I’ve had a decent break. Research has shown that clearly. Plus I can feel the difference myself.

The same goes for you. You’re not too busy to take a break or sit down and read a novel or do something else that’s fun.

In fact, you owe it to yourself and your job! Because when you do take that time off to read and play, everyone wins!


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