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Wat betekent de activatie van change agents?

July 5, 2013

In the past few weeks I spoke to a lot of people and I noticed that often similar themes surfaced. At this moment a lot is being activated in the energy and everyone that has a task here as a healer or change agent is being called to step forward. This call can show up in many different ways. It can be that you are fed up with your current job or work and long to do something with which you can truly make a positive difference. You may feel stuck and have the idea that no matter what you try, you just don’t seem to make any progress. Or perhaps you are just tired and can’t see the way forward.

The most important similarity is that you know deep down inside that this is not where you are supposed to be. You feel there is something more. You have something else to offer that cannot fully come to the surface now. I see a lot of healers, coaches and soul-filled entrepreneurs struggle with their practice. They know what they have to offer but they are not attracting enough clients.

All situations have the same core issue. You do not know exactly what it is that you have to offer, what your unique talents are or how you can best put those to use or even describe them. All these situations are an invitation to take the next step, so you can start doing what you came here to do.

You have something unique to offer too. As I wrote in an earlier article, over the past years I have discovered that everyone is a member of a unique Soul Team. These Soul Teams have a specialty, their own unique task. And knowing what that task is will shine an illuminating light on how you can best use your talents and abilities. It gives you a new perspective on yourself, so things can fall into place and seemingly strange hobby’s suddenly fit the mold. Yesterday one of my clients told me that knowing his soul team and receiving all the accompanying insights gave him a lot of clarity and understanding. An understanding that enabled him to better handle certain aspects of himself.

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