The Power of Intimacy (key to more flow!)

May 29, 2018

This may seem a strange topic. And if you’re wondering how this can help you build a thriving business or lead a more fulfilling life, it’s important to know that the power of intimacy is highly underrated.

Most humans have experienced difficulty in being truly intimate and vulnerable at some point in their life or another. We need to heal the scars that are holding us back. And whether you are aware of this or not, it is something that is slowing you down and holding you back as you’re hesitant to reach out, whether that’s for business ventures or in your personal life. It really is very important.

The life force energy inside you is the most powerful energy that’s available here on the planet earth. And when that is somehow inhibited or slowed down, you will experience challenges in creating the life of your dreams.

Many of you have difficulty fully and truly listening to what your body is here to say to you. You often run around, don’t get enough sleep or don’t properly use nutrition to support your physical system. Because of many disbalances it is very hard for you to hear the true sound of your inner voice. When you surround yourself with chatter the whole time, when you’re on the phone and on the computer, when you’re focusing your attention elsewhere it’s very hard to connect to the power within.

We invite you to open to that even more by finding the time and the place to surround yourself with quiet. To really trust the voice from deep within.

The power of intimacy is more than the power of being intimate in a romantic relationship. The power of being truly able to be intimate is about connecting from the heart with every other being. Whether that’s a physical being, whether that’s with your inner self, whether that’s with your guides and angels or with nature.

The power of intimacy is all about being able to connect with the flow without having anything stop you. The power of intimacy is about really allowing the flow to carry you. This is all about standing in your power and letting yourself shine.

The power of intimacy is first and foremost about allowing yourself to be intimate with you. And by being intimate we mean to be truly and fully honest with yourself about who you are and what you came here to do.

Being intimate is having no barriers, is being totally vulnerable, being fully exposed, and first and foremost, expose yourself to you. See yourself with new eyes. See yourself as we see you. See the beauty, the wonder, the power and the light that is deep inside.

Some of you have covered it under deep layers. Some of you have less layers, but many of you are still covering it up. Especially when you go outside, when you connect with others, you make sure that there’s protection and you make sure that there’s walls that you can hide behind.

This is an invitation for you to stop putting up the walls, to let yourself be transparent and be seen for who you truly are. We’re not saying to not put up any energetic protection. We’re not saying to not take good care of yourself, but we are saying to let go of the walls that prevent others from seeing the true you. And if you truly need walls, and if you truly feel that that’s safer and easier for you, then start by having them made of glass so people can still see through you—while you have the feel that there’s still something that’s protecting you. And then once you’re ready, you can also take that glass wall down. Because you are here to be safe and to be protected.

You are connected to every and each experience of life, whether that’s the rocks and the crystals, the flowers and the trees, the birds, the animals, the entire planet on which you’re living, whether it’s the stars and the galaxies around you, the human beings, the souls and the angels. You are all one and you are all connected.

And know that the true ability to be intimate with yourself, to see with crystal clearness the beauty of who you fully are, the more you’re able to do that, the more the ripple effect will become visible in your life and in your business.

The more you’re able to be truly intimate with yourself to see the raw beauty of who you fully are, the more you’re able to stand in your power and to fully shine from the inside out.

PS This article is an excerpt from the live TeleChannel The Power of Intimacy.

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