Relationships are changing this summer

June 2, 2014

changeahead1What is taking place this summer as the rise in vibration reaches an all-time peak is the transformation of many relationships. You will see that people you were meant to attract will find you and those you are no longer resonating with will be moving on. The ones you connect with will aid and assist you in part of your journey. They will play one of 3 roles:

1. Helper/Assistant

Those who are here to aid you on your journey in the form of practical support. These are the housekeepers, assistants, gardeners and also those who provide their expertise such as accountants and lawyers. Their main focus is to help you focus on what is your unique ability, freeing up time and energy to truly do what you came here to do. You all need this in some shape or form.

2. Global warrior

Those who fight for a cause and are here to uproot society with their beliefs and actions. They have a major impact in the transformation of systems and having the world act differently and accordingly. They are here in different shapes and sizes, those who will be visible for the world to see and those who fight the seemingly smaller battles in neighbourhoods and towns. They may cross your path and inspire you to act differently, they may invite you to rethink your ways and to improve. Making you want to be a better version of you.

3. Mentor

Those who help you with practical information and expertise and those who help raise and broaden your consciousness. The latter are very important as all is based on energy and vibration. You cannot attract that which you are not able to conceive in your energy field. Focus more time on managing your energy and vibration and less on doing. Doing is highly overrated. True creation is in being and allowing the energy to flow and then take inspired action. Most humans are taking action left, right and center and not even 2% is inspired. Simply increasing that to 20% will make a tremendous difference in your world view and your ability to manifest.

You are invited to step forth and raise your consciousness and vibration. Find that which is a match for you. Seek support and wisdom in the form of books, courses and individual coaching. Those who are meant to serve you are already in your energy field. Take a good look and feel who you resonate with. Who’s message rings a bell or strikes a chord? Follow your heart and be led to those who are your masters and teachers, those with whom you agreed to meet and receive part of their wisdom and especially their vibration. For that unlocks a part of you that is waiting to be touched so it can come to the surface and lets you be a more aligned being.

Just take a moment now and allow a name to come to the surface….. And then take inspired action.

Email or call that person or organization and find a way to work with them. For they have something you need to be supported in aligning your energy field and preparing you for new ways to come.

Don’t delay, don’t hesitate. Trust your instincts and take action today.


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