Find your Center with Scent

July 5, 2013

Sometimes it is difficult to remain centered. To be fully connected to that source of wisdom and calmness deep inside you. Sometimes you are affected by life or events around you and you get out of balance. To regain your balance and be able to act deeply rooted from your strength is valuable, important. This scent can help you with that. A fragrance that touches your deepest core and supports you. That helps you grow your roots and lets you rely on that strength deep inside you. That helps you see the light in the darkness and trust on all that is.

This scent is a blend of the following components:

I have just made the scent and put it on. It is a lovely combination of freshness with a warm sweet undertone. The fragrance radiates warmth and rest. Hmm, nice. It helps me calm down. As if the pace is slowed down. It invites to a moment of pause, standing still with all that is. As a sort of stilled moment. I will sit back and enjoy this and have a feeling that afterwards the next step will become clear…


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