How to get more love

October 2, 2018

I think most of us are aware that loving ourselves is one of the most crucial factors in life. It largely determines how happy you are and will be. It’s an indicator for how successful and fulfilling your relationships can be.

Without loving yourself fully there will always be a sense of lack and a need to look for fulfillment outside yourself. A fulfillment that will only work short-term and stops as soon as the chocolate is consumed, the movie ends, or the outer appreciation diminishes.

When you love yourself fully and truly, and when you are capable of accepting yourself exactly as you are—you will tap into an endless source of joy. Because there is nothing you have to DO to deserve being loved.

You are enough just as you are. Right now. No matter the things you’ve done ‘wrong’. No matter the wrinkles in your face, or the extra pounds, or the lack of… (fill in the blank).

There is always a reason to not feel good enough and humans excel at finding all the different reasons why they don’t measure up.

But I’m here to tell you that you are PERFECT just the way you are.

I’ve also learned that knowing this in your mind doesn’t mean you will feel it in your heart. And that is where this energetic activation comes in.

You can listen to this complementary activation right now:


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