How to break through what is holding you back

November 26, 2013

450a6fc5d193aca15c60c20d681f56fbStuff keeps us back a lot of the time. Things you may not even be consciously aware of. It may be an underlying belief that you are not ready to take a certain step, or that it is out of your reach. Or you may have the experience that it is not safe to be fully yourself. Or you are afraid what other people might think.

I know all about that. I have been more sensitive than most people all of my life. And often people told me to stop ‘complaining’. Or to just do it. Get over it. Or they told me I was exaggerating or lazy. I can be detail-oriented but lazy I am most certainly not. It would not go very well with running my own business either I think 😉 But to get back to what has been holding me back. Well, at first I didn’t even know that I was holding myself back or that I was playing small. Until I learned more about what I wanted to do and who I truly am.

I remember my ‘coming out’ as a spiritual person. I had discovered that not only I was way more sensitive and intuitive than I had given myself credit for, but also that I was able to channel intuitive insights. And sharing that with my family and friends was quite frightening. So I made the decision to consciously share it with close family and friends.

At the time I was a very active member of the Junior Chamber and I felt it was time to let go of that. So I went over to the key players and explained I was resigning from my position and would not be a member in the coming year. I explained what I had discovered about myself and that it was important for me to spend more time on my personal and spiritual development and that I could no longer contribute actively.

I was a little worried how they would respond. They were mostly very rational men working in banking, construction and so on. To my surprise they were extremely supportive and, even though not all of them fully understood what I meant, they had full respect for my decision and especially for the fact that I took the time to explain it. These meetings that I had feared quite a bit turned out to be great fuel for my continued exploration and spiritual journey.

So let me ask you: is there something that you are afraid to do? Something that you have been putting off for a while?

My invitation is to take that step and do it. It will free up your energy to focus on what lies past that step. Right now the ‘not doing’ is holding you back.

I know from experience, not only in the instance I described above, that going past your fears, worries and concerns helps you stretch out of your comfort zone into the place where you can grow.

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