How to release control

April 21, 2016

An image I often come across in intuitive sessions with individual clients is an image that comes forth when someone is hesitant or afraid to release control. This often happens because we tend to have a specific idea of how things are meant to come about, when certain actions need to take place and also how it is meant to look and feel.

None of this is very productive and usually all it does is keep us stuck longer. The picture that is then shown to me is that of a person in a small boat, rowing boat type, and the person leans out of the boat holding on to a tree or bush for dear life. Making sure they are not progressing in the stream but stay firmly stuck on the shore.

The invitation in these instances is obviously to let go of the tree or branch and to surrender to the flow of the current which will take you exactly where you are meant to go.

This is easier said than done. If you are a perfectionist you want to make sure all angles are covered and you would rather do something yourself so you know it is done well.

If you are a creative you so enjoy the process of coming up with the different ways things may come to life that you can be overcommitted to the how.

Basically most humans, yes that includes you, prefer what is known to the unknown. Hence the tendency to grab hold of something so you can stay where you are instead of releasing control and trusting that you will end up in the right place at the exact right time.

I struggle with this often as well. There are times when I am fully immersed in the flow, moving with the current and all sorts of synchronicities and miracles grace my life. Right up until a point where it seems either to be too much flow (we often expect difficulties to come our way) or I get in my thinking mind trying to figure out the next step (the cursed HOW).

I know this image of sitting in your boat with cramp in your hands in an attempt to stay in control has helped both me and my clients often. It helps you to see what you’re doing. It provides a different perspective and a moment to pause so you can choose again and make a conscious decision to do things differently.

Do you want to stay fully in control, knowing you will stay right where you are now?


Do you want to release control and surrender to the flow, trusting you will be OK?

I know the last bit can be scary because you don’t actually know what OK will look like or where you will end up. But I also know that it frees up so much energy when you do let go of control. Your life can be so much easier and even more fun!

So next time you feel you are getting stuck or would like to experience more flow, just imagine yourself in that boat, letting go of the branch and feeling the current softly bringing you where you need to go. Take a deep breath in, let out a deep sigh and release.

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Then I will zero in right to the core of what’s going on for you, what you need and how you can shift what’s not working and what is in your way. You won’t be overwhelmed by having to change everything but we’ll focus on the exact places to go to and work on.

It’s a form of (energetic) maintenance and it will help you course-correct so you won’t lose valuable time and energy while going off track.

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