Why we need hibernation, too

January 31, 2022

We often forget—or perhaps ignore—the fact that we are tied to the seasons. Our body is connected to the rhythm of this planet.

The more we move in sync with our natural rhythm, the more we will reap the benefits from a balanced body.

In winter, nature slows down. Everything is happening beneath the surface.

That’s a beautiful reminder and invitation for us to focus on what is going on underneath our surface.

A lot of people feel the need to slow down in the winter seasons. And that is not just because we have less energy in the winter, but also (and perhaps more importantly) because it encourages us to focus our intention inward:

What is happening with your emotions?

What is happening with your mental state?

Where can you perhaps support your body to find a better balance?

These are important questions—questions we might not ask ourselves often enough.

TIP: set aside some time in your schedule to ponder these questions 🙂

After you’ve gotten some answers, try to think of one small action you can take today to make sure you are more aligned with your body, mind and soul and where you want to go.

Hibernation is not just for bears—it is way for us to pause and reflect. A moment where we naturally look back, and ahead. Where we can course-correct. embrace new dreams, finetune existing goals.

The more you consciously slow down and allow yourself to take inventory of your life, the more you’ll be ready for that next leg of your journey when spring starts. So make sure you lay the groundwork now!

Where some people need to remind themselves to turn inward, I often have to remind myself to focus outward 😉 Reflection comes relatively natural to me so I need to make sure I don’t spend the entire winter season closed off from the world.

Especially with my book launch coming up I’ve had to remind myself to reach out and connect. Luckily my enthusiasm about sharing Radiant with the world helps overcome the inclination to hibernate full-time.

I’m so excited to share Radiant: How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Life You Love with you! You can take a peek here, or order a copy.

PS If you missed it, here’s the cover!


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