Are you honouring your gift?

September 10, 2014

giftI had planned to go to a training retreat in Florida. For various reasons I decided not to go. Which meant I suddenly had a week open up in my calendar. A full week with no appointments and no obligations.

After watching the movie The Guardian I suddenly knew what to do with that time (and no, I am not training to join the Coast Guard ;-). In the movie Kevin Costner tells Ashton Kutcher “Honour your gift” and that touched me deeply.

It made me ask myself if I was fully honouring my gift. And if I am truly honest here: I think I can do more. There is all this information sitting in my computer. Waiting for me to find the time to complete my book. Now I know what to do with that week: finish my book. Compile my writings, all the insights and information I gathered in the past 8 years and get it published.

It is time.

No more stalling.

To fully honour my gift I need to get the insights and energy out there. It is not serving anyone when it is patiently sitting in my hard drive. So I am taking my next step to fully honour my gift.

How about you? Are you doing all you can? Are you fully honouring your gift? Can you honestly say you’ve done everything you can to get it out there? Have you done your very best?

Or are you still holding back?

If you are ready to step up and step out there, and you are looking for someone to guide and support you through that process, then let’s talk! You can apply for a complimentary Clarity Session with me here

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