Which inspired action are you meant to take?

July 5, 2013

Sometimes you can feel a nudge or receive an inspired idea. Suddenly an idea comes to you; it just presents itself out of nowhere. It often happens when you are not even thinking about the subject or anything related to it. For me it often happens while brushing my teeth. I regularly run into the living room with my toothbrush in hand, scribbling a thought or inspired idea on the back of an envelope. About a week and a half ago I had another of those moments, and the thought was to give away ten 10-minute readings. I wrote it down, was quite excited about the idea and went to bed.

When I thought about it the next day I wondered if there really had to be 10 free sessions. Perhaps I could do with 5, or even 3. Three 10-minute sessions would surely be enough to give away. Wouldn’t it? And maybe this was not the perfect timing to do so. I had just pulled my single intuitive consults off the website and communicated that in my Ezine. This was a thought that was best kept for later. A few nights later I was watching a movie on TV, and during a commercial brake I drank a cup of tea when the thought hit me again. “Put the ten free 10-minute sessions on the website”. So I send myself an email as a reminder for the next day. To really do it. And the next day was busy, and so was the next… The thought popped up a few more times and I chose to ignore it and ‘park’ the idea for later. I came up with all sorts of reasons why it was not such a great idea or why it should be postponed.

And here I am, on a Sunday afternoon, just 1 mile from the ocean, writing you this message. Because I could no longer ignore it. The banging on the door kept getting louder and I could not and didn’t want to drone out the noise any longer. I had not planned on writing my Ezine here on my weekend away, but I just had to find a vehicle for the inspiration that is now flowing through me. And I wanted to share this with you, because I think we all do it at times. We find seemingly reasonable reasons to not take action and to ignore an inspired thought, even when it comes to us repeatedly. It may be about visiting someone, writing a book, changing jobs, following a course, reading an article, baking that cake or offering those free sessions…

My invitation to you is to truly ask yourself what it is that you are ignoring. What nudge of the Universe, what inspired idea are you not taking action on? And you probably have a list of really good reasons (on the surface) that prevent you from doing it. Whether there is just one reason or a whole bunch of them is not really important. What matters most is that you know deep inside that you are called to do this. You have an inner knowing that is gently pushing you towards this action. And even if you cannot see anything that can come as a positive result from doing so, I invite you to step up and do it. Trusting the flow of the Universe and believing that you know better (than it) doesn’t go together. Either you trust the wisdom of your inner knowing or you don’t.

So what I did is take action, and I am offering not 3, not 5 but 10 ten-minute readings for FREE. Because I felt called to do that and because I choose to trust that inner knowing. So I have taken my inspired action. (These free sessions have already been given). Now it is your turn to follow a nudge from the Universe and take the next inspired action for you. I invite you to do so this week. So you can place yourself more fully in the flow of the Universe and benefit from its wisdom, its abundance and its divine guidance.

And take a moment and feel if signing up for a FREE Clarity Session with me might be your next inspired action…

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