How to find your best time to write

April 7, 2016

As you may have heard I have completed the first draft of my novel and am now in the process of getting it ready for publication. So I decided to share a bit of my book writing journey here and the things I learned; my best tips. In case you’re curious or perhaps considering to write a book yourself! And you don’t even have to be writing a book. Most people write something, whether it is in your Ezine, blog, copy for your website or even emails.I am already applying what I learned in other areas as well.

I have hired an editor and am working closely with her. But before it came to that I had to write the book first and it has taken me a loooong time to find my rhythm. So that would be my first tip:

Find your best time to write

It has literally taken me several years to find my best time to write. I started by blocking ‘book writing days’ in my calendar. I figured I would need an entire day to dedicate to my book. So I had colourful post-its in my diary about once every two weeks signaling that this day would be a Book Day.

After a couple of months I still had not written much. Because appointments kept slipping in to my bookdays, and then it was no longer a pristine book day, so in my mind I apparently decided it would not work. So I did not even start writing on those days.

This went on for about two years. That’s how long it took me to realize that this would be a never ending process. I tried several other things and finally I figured out what worked for me.

For me the best time to write is right after lunch. And it’s important to dive right into my book as soon as I get back to my desk (and not first open my email quickly or make a phone call). That really helped me to get in the right zone to be able to let the book pour out.

So I recommend that you try different things. If one doesn’t work it doesn’t mean you don’t have it in you to write, you just haven’t found your best moment to write yet. I am so glad I found my way to get into the writing zone but it really took some persistence.

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