Are you holding back?

October 11, 2019

I felt inspired to share this message with you, because at some point we all hold back. If not in our entire life then probably at least in one area. There is always a place in our life where we are not going full out.

If so, this is for you:

Living full out is living a life of abundance, joy and laughter. Of revering each day as if it’s the first, or last. Enjoying and savoring each moment. Drinking in the fun, the feeling, the connection.

Honoring the presence of what is and never ever holding back for fear of what might happen, what others might think or what you can or can’t do.

Release the restraints that have kept you tied up, that have locked in your energy and caused your dis-ease, that have kept you safe (or so you thought) and kept you in a holding pattern—waiting for you to release the ties to the past, to your fears, to your judgment and to your inability to go full swing.

It’s time to let go of the past and embrace the present. It’s time to forget the fears, the inabilities, the could-nots. It’s time to remember that the life of your dreams can not happen when you’re not fully yourself.

You’ll vibrate at the right level when you are fully at home in your heart and your body, when you allow yourself to be who you fully are.

It’s time to embrace the imperfections and open up to new possibilities, to new ideas, to new thoughts.

You are born anew in each moment—if you so choose.



PS You are loved. And you can change. The choice is up to you.

PPS If you want support in releasing the past or embracing the present, then my virtual retreat Get the Original Plan of your Soul might is perfect for you! Read all about it here.

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