Do this one thing in the New Year

December 16, 2016

You are a human BEing.

Not a human DOing.

So why do we focus so much of our time and efforts on taking action after action, checking things off our To Do list?

Our inner actions create 80% of our results, yet we spend the majority of our time trying to influence the remaining 20%.


I guess we all know why. It’s the way we grew up, how we’re educated, it’s how our society operates. You get rewarded for taking action, not for doing inner work or setting intentions.

So the better question is: how do we change this?

It starts by being aware your inner actions create outer results.

There’s lots of research to back that up, I’m not gonna list it all here. But recently I saw this inspiring TED talk that sums it up beautifully.

Once you are aware, then shift your behavior to include more time for inner work. Managing your energy pays off—big time.

I know it took me a while to change my morning routine to include my daily yoga and energy work. It means I start seeing clients at 11am. At first it felt very lazy, like I took the morning off.

But then I realized it made a huge difference in how I feel, in how present and alert I am. Doing my inner work in the morning increases my creativity and productivity.

It’s not about working harder, but working smarter, using the principles you know yield results. Everything is energy so let the energy work for you so you can create from flow instead of a standstill.

What I realized last night is that it’s called inner WORK. Not inner play—inner work. Although we treat it like a luxury, or something we do once we’ve got time left—after taking care of everything that is really important (or so we think).

My suggestion is to fit it in first, so you know you’ll get it done. So you’ll know you’ve created the space and the time to not only take care of yourself but of those around you as well. By making sure you are centered and focused.

I know I am calmer, sharper and more in the flow when I’ve done my inner work. When for whatever reason I don’t get to my inner work in the morning (because stuff happens) I can feel the difference and I’m less productive.

If it is (or seems) impossible to fit it into your mornings then try and squeeze it in around lunch or mid-afternoon. Just make sure you fit it in somewhere, because it will make a difference—I can guarantee you that.

If you leave your inner work till the end of the day, chances are you’re too tired and wanting to just go to bed. Deciding to leave it till tomorrow when, for sure, you’ll do it then.

Do you want to make this your best year yet? Then incorporate some form of inner work into your daily routine. Forget about all your New Year’s Resolutions, which we know statistically only 8% of people achieve(!).

Just do this one thing, and do it well. You can thank me later 😉

PS Not sure which form of inner work suits you, or looking for variety? I’ve created this unique 21 days program and it makes doing your inner work really easy! Just sit down, hit play and be guided through. It’s a great way to start your day grounded, with energy and inspiration. Read all about it here.

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