Deal with stress without cracking

July 15, 2014

cloud9People often write about flow. What is flow? According to the dictionary it is ‘to move in a continuous and smooth way’ or ‘to deform under stress without cracking or rupturing’. The latter is used for minerals and rocks mainly, but I found it intriguing ;-). I often see how we each go through our own form of stress and it often involves shifting and changing and making sure we don’t ‘break’.

When there is a lack of flow in your life or in your business, although one often influences the other, it means there is an opportunity for growth. The stagnation is drawing your attention to the fact that whatever used to work is no longer producing the desired results. You are invited to look at the situation with new eyes and see what you can do differently. To get clear on what else you can do to ensure that you can move in a continuous and smooth way, without cracking or rupturing anything, ideally. This is often easier said than done.

We tend to get stuck in thought patterns and behaviour and it isn’t easy to break through those habits. This is where I have often experienced the value of being able to look with fresh eyes. When I facilitated brainstorm sessions for organizations I used creative thinking techniques to help the participants look at the problem at hand in a new way. So they were able to see alternatives that were not visible to them before. This is often what happens during my live calls as well.

I can help you with a new perspective so you can see your life and the things that are going on with more clarity. This allows you to see opportunities as well as place things in a perspective that helps you release and let go of the anger or frustration that was holding you back or keeping you stuck on that merry-go-round.

This TeleChannel helps you look with fresh eyes at the topic of intimacy. “The truth is that the power of intimacy is highly underrated. We aim to shed light on this important topic so you can heal the scars that are holding you back. Most humans have experienced difficulty with being truly intimate and vulnerable at some point in their life. Whether you are aware of this or not, it is something that is slowing you down and holding you back as you are hesitant to reach out. ….. We will provide a powerful activation that will help heal the power within so you can let the energy flow freely and more intimately. The life-force energy inside is the most powerful energy here on planet Earth. When that is somehow inhibited or slowed down you will experience challenges in creating the life of your dreams.”

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