My #1 tip to have more energy

July 24, 2020

There are many things I’ve learned in the past eighteen years of running my business, and as part of celebrating that Bright Eyes is doing well so many years after its conception, I decided to share my most powerful insights with you 🙂

My first tip must be to manage your energy. I know it’s not something everyone thinks about consciously.

You either have energy or you’re tired. But by learning how to manage your energy, you’ll discover you can have more of it. Plus you can make the limited supply of energy you do have last longer.

In order to be able to manage your energy you must know how much of it you have. I developed a powerful tool for that.

I created the Daily Energy Inventory for you to be able to monitor your energy and get a grasp on what costs you energy, and what might give you energy.

Get this powerful tool here for free.

Why do you want to know how much energy you have?

First of all it pays to know which activities and people drain you most, so you can be smart about how much of those you pack in the same day e.g.

Then you can balance them with what recharges you.

But most importantly, it alerts you to when you reach the crucial 20% threshold!

You need 20% of your physical energy in order for your body to regenerate and recharge your battery back up to 100%.

Ideally you stop your activities around the 20% energy level. In practice very few people do that. Most of us stop when we get tired (and often not even then…).

When you’re tired your energy is around 0-5%. Much too little for your body to recharge your battery to full capacity. Which means you’ll wake up in the morning with let’s say 90% instead of 100%. If you do this over a longer period of time it becomes quite clear why you might be tired often or why it feels like you used to have much more energy when you were younger.

It’s not just your phone battery you need to recharge fully. Your body wants the same courtesy.

I know it’s not easy to stop when you still have energy to do things—especially when you are bursting with ideas. But I’ve learned the hard way that it’s the smart thing to do. It will take some time to learn where you 20% lies and the Daily Energy Inventory will help with that.

When you have enough energy you are more productive and creative. And you’ll feel happier and healthier. The list of benefits goes on and on.

If I could teach my younger self one thing it would be how to manage my energy.

It would’ve saved me a lot of time and frustration, several health challenges too.


PS If this article speaks to you, you might enjoy my book Radiant: How to Have All the Energy You Need to Live a Life You Love. Read more here

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